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Ghost L RC Quadcopter UAV DRONE

Ghost L Remote Control RC Multi-Rotor UAV


Ghost L UAV with Camera Auto Follow

Auto Follow

One-Tap Routing

Automatic Return

Out-of-Sight Flight

The Ghost L UAV is the easiest drone to fly in the World. With One-Tap Routing it will fly to whatever point you want to fly. Ghost's auto-return feature will be activated when battery deplets, or the controlling Smartphone receives and incoming call, loses signal or shuts down. The night vision mode of red and blue LED indicators assist your flight.

The Ghost L UAV Drone can be set to Auto-Follow your movements and capture your every brilliant move. With Gbox and a Smartphone, anyone can fly the Ghost L UAV in minutes. The Out-Of-Sight Flight  with a 1000m communication distance brings you stunning flying experience that can only be found with the Ghost-L UAV. Just 3 Easy Steps to fly the Ghost L UAV 1) Unlock 2) Takeoff 3) Return.  Its that easy!

The Ghost L UAV durable motors insures a long working life and guaranteed lasting fun! Comes complete with camera.

Smartphone App Controlled Drone UAV RTF Ghost-L Phone Controlled drone Bluetooth control drone Ghost Drone Ghost-L Drone



  • Point-to-point operation on map in smartphone app
  • One-tap routing
  • Real-time information includes flight distance, flight height, battery can be showed in APP
  • One tap takeoff, return and land in App
  • Communication distance:1000m
  • Audio remind when battery is low
  • Auto-return once lost communication
  • Auto-follow mode


  • Maximum Flight Distance: 1000m
  • Maximum Flight Height: 1000m
  • Hover Precision: 2m(influenced by flying environment)
  • Wind Resistance: <10.7m/s
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -15- +70
  • Flight Control Maximum Power Rate: 5W(1A@5V
  • Flight Control Rated Power : 1.5W(300ma@5A)
    Flight Time: 18-23min
  • Battery: xt60 connector 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah Lipo
  • GPS: Ublox 6 parallel compacted compass
  • Communication Method: 433mhz 80mw standard 2.4G channel communicator
  • Camera: 1200pixel 1080P HD camera(Gopro compatible)
  • Flight Control: Ehang Flight Control System
  • Gimbal: 2D Brushless Gimbal(operated with smartphone app)


Package Content:

  • Ghost quadcopter (including propellers)

  • Screw x8

  • Screwdriver x1

  • Bundle ribbon x1

  • Gbox

  • G-box antenna

  • G-box charging cable

  • Battery

  • Battery charger

  • Battery charging cable x2

  • 2D Gimbal

  • HD Camera

Camera Specifications:

  • Image sensor, 12 Megapixels CMOS-sensor

  • LCD 1.5" LCD panel

  • Image resolution: 12 Megapixels (4032*3024)/10 Megapixels(3648*2736)/8Megapixels((3264*2448)/5 Megapixels (2592*1944)/3MP (2048*1536)/ 2MHD(1920*1080)/ VGA(640*480)/ 1.3M(1280*960)

  • Video resolution: 1920*1080 30fps/1280*720 60fps/848*480 60fps / 640*480 60fps

  • Video compression format H.264

  • Default resolution video: 1080P/picture: 4032*3024

  • Image/video file format video format: MOV/Image format: JPG

  • Zoom x4 digital zoom

  • Lens 170 HD wide-angle fish-eye lens, nondeformable

  • Memory slot for microSD card up to 32 GB

  • Connections USB 2.0, HDMI

  • Battery lifespan: 70 minutes (1080P)

  • Battery battery detachable: 900mAh

  • Dimensions: 29.8x59.2x41mm

  • Weight 44g (without batteries), 58g with batteries

An Introduction to Ghost

Sit Back and Watch It Fly




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