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Frequently Asked Questions UAV DRONE

The ST10 Smart Transmitter Doesn’t Link/Connect with the Aircraft
  1. Power on your Q500 Aircraft.
  2. After 4 seconds immediately tilt the airframe forward and then back to level 2 times until you see a flashing yellow light on the underside.
  3. On the ST10 Smart Transmitter select Model Select and then delete any old models by holding down and selecting delete. Create a new model and Name it “Q500” then select Quad X as the type. Select “Save” and back out to the main screen.
  4. On the ST10 Smart Transmitter select Flight Settings and Okay on the screen.
  5. Then select Bind. The Q500 should show up in the Model selection.
  6. Select the correct model and a message “Connection Established” will display on screen.
  7. Now tap the back arrow 2 times and your Q500 Aircraft should be connected to your ST10 Smart Transmitter.
  8. If this fails, please contact Yuneec or a Yuneec Authorized Service Provider for further assistance or repair.

Camera Doesn’t Link/Connect with Transmitter

  1. Try cycling the power by switching off the Q500 Aircraft and then the ST10 Smart Transmitter.
  2. Power back on by starting the ST10 Smart Transmitter first and then the Q500 Aircraft second to see if it connects automatically. Wait for everything to initialize.
  3. Watch for the aircraft voltage on the ST10’s Smart Transmitter Screen.
  4. Select Flight Settings on the Main Screen of the ST10 Smart Transmitter.
  5. Select Camera and choose CGO2-GB.
  6. Select back once and then select Bind. The camera should show up under the Camera list.
  7. Select the CGO2-GB camera. It will then ask for a password. Enter your password and click okay. (Default password: 1234567890) The camera should be connected now.
  8. Click the back arrow two times to return to the main screen.
  9. If all this fails, please contact Yuneec or a Yuneec Authorized Service Provider for further assistance or repair.

Aircraft Shows an Orange Flashing LED in Between Flight Modes

  1. This requires a compass calibration; please see the COMPASS CALIBRATION instructions.
    Installing the Propellers
  2. The propellers and motors are labeled A and B.
  3. Simply match the A propellers to the A motors and the B propellers to the B motors.
  4. Each propeller will also have a directional arrow that will identify which way they should be tightened or loosened.
  5. Check the threads to ensure they are not damaged. If damaged you may need to replace the motor.
  6. If the threads are okay, you may apply a very small drop of anti-cease to the threads.

Battery Door Will Not Open

  1. Push on the ridged section above the “PUSH” indications with some force and release.
  2. The locking mechanism might be damaged or may need to be replaced.
  3. Use the included spare locking mechanism.

Battery Not Charging

  1. The Q500 is equipped with a Lithium Polymer battery that requires to be maintained at a certain voltage.
  2. The Q500 battery must have all the cells in balance for the charger to work. If one cell is bad this can prevent the charger from charging the pack.
  3. If the voltage is too low the charger will not charge the battery.
  4. Check the adapter from the charger to the battery. Make sure the pins are not bent and that it is fully plugged into both the charger and the battery.
  5. Check the power cable from the wall outlet to the charger and make sure it is plugged in all the way.
  6. DO NOT Ship your battery without first calling Yuneec.

One or More Motors Not Starting
The speed controllers may not have initialized properly. Try to restart the Q500 Aircraft.
Check to see if the motor that did not start is free and spins easily. If it does not you may have something stuck between the motor and the frame.
Please contact Yuneec or a Yuneec Authorized Service Provider for further assistance or repair.

The Camera Won’t Record Videos or Take Pictures

  1. The CGO2-GB can only be used with class 10 or higher micro SD cards.
  2. The camera must be connected to the ST10 or compatible device in order for it to take pictures or video.

What Memory Card works with the Camera?

  1. The CGO2-GB only supports name brand Class 10 or greater micro SD cards up to 128 GB (gigabytes).
Why Does the Aircraft Vibrate?
  1. Broken and/or unbalanced propellers, loose screws, broken or damaged landing gear can cause vibration in the Q500 Aircraft.

The Video Shakes and Looks Out of Focus

  1. Check Rubber Dampeners on the gimbal mount. They all must be fully installed to isolate vibrations.
  2. Check to see if the CGO2-GB camera is vibrating. If it is, you may need to adjust the weight on the back by turning it clockwise (inward) or turning it counter-clockwise (outward) in small increments until this vibration has ceased.
  3. If there was a crash, the CGO2-GB camera may need to be re-calibrated. Download the GUI Software from the website and follow the instructions in the Q500 Graphical User Interface guide.
  4. If all this fails, please contact Yuneec or a Yuneec Authorized Service Provider for further assistance or repair.

The Q500 Aircraft Does Not Land at the Original Take-Off Point

  1. The Q500 Aircraft uses the GPS in both the aircraft and the transmitter to land the Q500 approximately 20’ from the transmitter.
  2. Landing location may be adjusted by using the right stick during the descent to control the Q500 Aircraft’s final landing location.

The Q500 Aircraft Is Not Responding To My Controls Precisely

  1. There may be a bad GPS Signal, potentially from flying in between buildings or other obstructions.

My Video Link Has a Delay

  1. Make sure to maintain line of sight while flying.
  2. Point the flat part of your ST10 Smart Transmitter toward the Aircraft.
  3. Stay away from obstructions.
  4. Be aware that there could be other Wi-Fi/RF Emissions nearby that may interfere with the signal.
  5. The Q500 Aircraft Is Not Starting and the Main LED Status Indicators show Red & White Flashing
  6. You may be in an Airport No Fly Zone.

The Q500 Aircraft Main LED Status Indicators Show Green, Blue, & Red

  1. This is a Low Battery Warning
  2. The LEDs under the 4 Motors Are Flashing Fast (3 Times per Second)
  3. This indicates that the GPS is disabled.

Is There An Update For The Firmware?

  1. To check your version of the firmware you can plug your Q500 into your computer and use the GUI program to determine your current firmware version. You can check your ST10 by simply pressing “System Settings”, “About Flight Mode Control”, and then reading the build number.
  2. To update the Camera or ST10, simply download the special firmware file and follow the included instructions.
  3. To update the Q500 simply use the GUI program and flash the firmware using the update function.

Does The Firmware Support Waypoint Functionality?

  1. The current firmware does not support waypoint functionality.
  2. The Q500 is not equipped to do Waypoints.

The CGO2-GB Vibrates

  1. This could be because of too much drag possibly from a loose wire or it may need to be recalibrated.
  2. Try screwing in, or out the counter balance weight located behind the camera until the vibration subsides.
  3. Please contact Yuneec or a Yuneec Authorized Service Provider for further assistance or repair.

Charging the Q500 Aircraft Battery

  1. The battery charger is included when you purchase the Q500 Aircraft.
  2. It may take up to 3 hours to fully charge the battery depending on the depletion level.
  3. Aftermarket chargers can be used to charge the battery.
  4. Charge the battery no more than 3S 5.4amps or 5400mAh.
  5. Charging the ST10 Smart Transmitter Battery
  6. The battery charger is included when you purchase the ST10 Smart Transmitter.
  7. It may take up to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.
  8. ST10 may be charged using multiple devices such as computers, or cell phone chargers.

Hard or Bouncy Landings with the Q500 Aircraft

  1. The weather or temperature may have changed causing the barometer to change.
  2. This will cause the Q500 Aircraft to land a little harder than normal.
  3. This is completely normal and should not damage anything on the Q500 Aircraft.

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